Scientific Matching Algorithm

The Epigenetic Profile Basis
Through accumulation of research results and academic publications, we have identified a proprietary panel of genes that serve as epigenetic markers and are the strongest correlators of dynamic changes to major skin quality indicators (e.g., aging, moisture retention, elasticity, etc.). The primary epigenetic mechanism, DNA methylation/demethylation, can activate or inactivate these genes, thereby affecting the indicators.

The Recommendation Engine
A list of skincare product ingredients and composition levels are categorized, indexed, and statistically determined for DNA methylation and other epigenetic changes impacting the aforementioned skin quality indicators. Such ingredient information is collected by EpigenCare from publicly available and FDA-mandated market information and databases. Subsequently, our algorithm will automatically determine the best configuration of ingredients that could epigenetically improve the skin quality indicators. This ingredient-specific algorithm will perform a lookup to see which products in our database have the most optimal compositions of the necessary ingredients to epigenetically reverse or slow-down any negative states in one’s skin quality profile. We anticipate to have a substantial database covering all well-known and easily accessible products, ranging from luxury to affordable and popular to boutique. Additionally, we will continue to add new products to our database on a continuous basis.