Introducing SKINTELLI by EpigenCare.

Current skin quality. Measurable regimen.

Our method connects the current state of your skin to the functionality of ingredients from thousands products on the market. Truly personalized skincare.

First, we generate an epigenetic profile of your current skin quality.

SKINTELLI is a direct-to-consumer personal epigenomics test that measures DNA methylation levels of a proprietary panel of genes responsible for key skin quality factors (e.g., aging, elasticity, moisture retention, etc.).
Our at-home kit provides non-invasive adhesives to collect samples from your skin (rather than saliva) which properly reflects quality changes after environmental interaction.

Next-Gen Sequencing

6 Billion Skin Status Patterns

Actionable Report Results

Skin Beauty Improvement

Next, we intelligently match your profile against thousands of brands.

The SKINTELLI web platform empowers you with the knowledge of which products truly work for your skin. Instead of generalized marketing, companies must use our matching system to market their brands to you based on your unique skin profile -- if it's not qualified for your skin on an epigenetic basis, it gets rejected.
Matching is filtered by our machine learning algorithm based on epigenetic, hazard, and absorbance effects of the ingredients on the tested skin quality indicators.

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