EpigenCare is Disrupting the Skincare Industry through Epigenetics and Blockchain

FARMINGDALE, N.Y., Feb. 19, 2018 — EpigenCare Inc. has revealed the world’s first project for truly personalized skincare based on epigenetics and blockchain technology. The biotechnology company’s digital platform will connect consumers with skincare companies using a scientific matching algorithm based on the consumer’s epigenetic profile and a product’s active ingredients. By amassing dynamic and scientifically-grounded skin profiles, EpigenCare introduces a brand new marketing channel for the $130 billion skincare industry.

Direct-to-Consumer Testing
EpigenCare developed a personal epigenomics test to generate epigenetic skin profiles that correlate with key skin quality indicators (e.g., aging, elasticity, moisture retention, etc.). Through a simple and non-invasive sample collection kit, the DNA samples used for the test are self-collected directly from consumers’ skin in the comfort of one’s own home. The samples are subsequently mailed to EpigenCare’s facilities for testing via a proprietary next-generation sequencing based application.

Because epigenetics, not genetics, functionally determines the dynamic state of skin, EpigenCare’s test most accurately reflects the true state of one’s skin quality in a quantifiable manner. Moreover, epigenetics allows EpigenCare to implement a recurring business model by helping consumers track the progress of their skincare routine’s effectiveness on their skin.

Recommendation Engine
The company is indexing the ingredients of thousands of skincare products, ranging from name brand to boutique. EpigenCare’s matching algorithm will then select the ingredients that epigenetically impact the consumer’s tested skin quality indicators in a positive manner. The ingredient selections are subsequently checked against the product database for the skincare products that have an optimal ingredient composition, which are finally presented as recommendations in the consumer’s skincare test report. EpigenCare will offer the first direct-to-consumer test that contains specific, actionable results.

A Blockchain Ecosystem
Through EpigenCare’s web platform named “The EpigenCare Network”, skincare companies will be able to leverage the scientific-matching mechanism of the recommendation engine. These companies will target epigenetic profile segments with the opportunity to place their auto-screened products in the recommendation section of the consumer’s test results.

Developed on the Ethereum blockchain, this platform rewards consumers that have been targeted by companies with tokens that can be used to subsidize future skincare tests. Because of the “anonymous transparency” of blockchains, EpigenCare is able to address the commonly perceived intrusiveness often associated with the likes of 23andMe and Ancestry.com tests.

EpigenCare’s CEO, William Lee, said, “By building a structured ecosystem with blockchain technology, consumers will be able to know that any data of theirs being sold is directly, voluntarily, and exclusively for their own benefit.”

Investment Offering
EpigenCare is launching an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) to the public for its tokens in mid-March, seeking to raise $20 million USD (https://token.epigencare.com). It is one of the only ICOs to offer a token as a security through a Regulation D* exemption filing with the SEC, thus giving the company legal capability to pay dividends to investors based on revenue.

*Available for US accredited investors who undergo a KYC/whitelisting process.

Disruptive Innovation
EpigenCare is transforming the skincare industry by strategically commoditizing consumer skin profiles in a way that directly benefits consumers. As gatekeepers of such new data, EpigenCare’s model will prompt skincare companies to market and produce products with more scientific transparency and true consumer personalization.

The company’s industry advisor Richard Wildnauer, former CEO of NeoStrata and VP at Johnson & Johnson, expressed his enthusiasm for the innovation.

“This revolutionary business model promises to uniquely take advantage of the rapidly developing fields of epigenetics and blockchain,” said Wildnauer, “to develop a database to solve the problem of product selection for personalized targeted skin care. It reduces the costs and frustrations of multiple product trials by consumers, provides cosmetic companies with another tool to guide product development, and provides a basis for monetization by the consumer participants and EpigenCare.”

About EpigenCare
EpigenCare Inc. is a privately held personal epigenomics and digital biotechnology company based in New York. The company offers a direct-to-consumer epigenetics test to assess the dynamic state of one’s skin type and quality. Subsequently, capture of the dynamic quality allows for actionable results from the analysis report such that optimized product options are recommended to the consumer. EpigenCare’s epigenetic technology is supported by EpiGentek Group Inc.

Note: This release includes forward-looking statements by the Company.

For media contact, please e-mail media[at]epigencare.com.