Who we are.
What we do.

The future of wellness should be affordable, personalized, and precise -- which can only be achieved by revealing each person’s unique epigenetic code.

Headquartered in New York, EpigenCare Inc. is an award-winning biotechnology company focused on data-driven and scientifically grounded personalized wellness solutions. The company has its roots in EpiGentek, a well-known epigenetics-focused research organization. EpigenCare is particularly focused on pioneering applications for consumer epigenetics by utilizing rigorous scientific methods and technologies, including next-generation sequencing. Its first product, SKINTELLI, is a personal epigenomics skincare test to accurately identify the dynamic states of skin, enabling a means to match consumers' skin quality profiles with existing skincare products on the market.

EpigenCare is technologically supported by EpiGentek, a well-known epigenetics-focused research company.